Are you interested in making use of all the advantages that Advanced Coaching can bring? Here is how my coaching sessions have helped other people like you reach their goals and achieve balance in their lives.

I met Cristina for other reasons than a coaching session. When I knew I`ll take part of one I said to myself "why not?" Theoretically knew what that means, had some idea about how is going to be, but nothing prepared me for what really meetings and coaching with Cristina meant .
Coach Cristina Cremenescu - a real professional.
Our sessions - reference points.
The real effect came gradually, in waves.
It was as if I opened my doors to everything.
Raluca Petre
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: Raluca Petre
I've been working with Cristina for almost 3 months.
Even from the beginning she surprised me with her ability of understanding and supporting me in our coaching sessions in dealing with situations I was going thru at that time.
I can say that she gently guided me to see and transform things that I have never thought about, and the results are stunning.
The way that I relate to myself, to my husband and our marriage, to my profession, and to my life generally has profoundly shifted, and in a manner that empowers myself and all the people around me.
I recommend her as a great listener, very easy to work with, empathic, and life transforming coach.
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: F S
"I am very glad that I met Cristina and I had the chance to work with her. Cristina is an extraordinary person, full of warmth, positive and always ready to motivate you to take action at any time to overcome self-imposed limits. thank you so much for all this work you are doing and for the extraordinary impact you had on my life. "
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: G M B
"Coaching session with Cristina had a surprising and unexpected impact in terms of the result. The man behind the coaches made the atmosphere to be vibrant, full of wisdom, stimulating and fruitful to the end. With great love I look forward and I wish the reunion with coaching area and Cristina`s skill and enthusiasm. Good luck in the future! "
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: R O
Although I thought I knew what coaching means, I learned from the first meeting how much I was wrong. I thought this area was invented for some people to have an extra activity in order to make some money. It does not seem very scientific, therefore I did not have great confidence.
Plus I was thinking I had no major problems, or at least not that I have problems to solve so-called coaching.
I was wrong for the second time. I walked with caution at the first meeting, not knowing what problem even want to talk, did not seem that I have any.
I`ve found, however, a problem to talk and I started working with my coach, Cristina.
I was very surprised to see how easily I can talk about my problem, I'm not a man who can talk easily, especially with strangers about personal things.
Cristina inspired me trust from the first moment and how she was managing the session facilitate exposing the problem and find ways to solve it.
I left very excited about the first meeting, looking forward the next meeting.
An interesting phenomenon happened, when I thought I have no problem, in turn it began to come to my mind all the things that bothers me, all those things whose solution was postponed indefinitely because I could not find a solution, all those at which point I wanted to know how to react and did not know ...
Basically, my brain began operation in solving problems and not hiding them, as it had before.
From session to session I went with one problem solved, or being discussed.
Cristina was there and with her professionalism helped me to find the solutions to which I can apply in order to solve problems, situations, unpleasant conditions in my life.
Interesting phenomenon that has emerged is that between sessions I was able to solve some problems with greater ease, so I didn`t get them to present in a future meeting.
After only 5 sessions, my situation has improved.
We managed to have a better planned time, time to work on my business and for my clients, but to do things for me (go to the gym, swimming, dancing).
I succeeded only after 5 sessions, to communicate better with my clients, not to be late paying their part, to get the prices they want for my services and to say „no” when customers tried to take advantage based on a friendly sort of obligation.
Cristina helped me may work on several projects at the same time and can thus keep under control deadlines and schedules of these projects.
Cristina is 100% involved in what she makes, working even extra meetings and provide the most benefit those she couches.
So I was surprised to find, at various times, e-mails from her with information, suggestions, corrections and other interesting communication.
Now that I'm free to work relaxed, have fun, I feel good with the family, no longer stressed by deadlines or bad payers customers.
All this due to the professionalism and dedication of Cristina and coaching which applies, for which I would like to thank her a lot, a lot.
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: Radu Vasile
Coaching helped me to take some decisions at a time when I was oscilating, helped me to refuse certain matters that I could not refuse for poorly understood reasons, helped me clear my desires, to regain my self confidence and to dare to claim what I believe I deserve.
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: C P
"Cristina is a coach that transmits through everything she does and says - power; is the kind of power that likes and inspires, the one doubled by the experience. In a training session, as a client, I felt I could maximum trust her way of working , which is an optimal mix of patience, listening, clarity and firmness. "
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: Eduard Petrescu
Managing Director
My dear cheerful Cristina,
Yesterday I had a presentation and I went thinking that I'm going to get cards like on my birthday. I began to speak and not even my heart beat louder. While I was speaking I realized that I have not the slightest emotion, but I felt perfectly happy and cheerful like when we were guests at my birthday:-)))))))))))))))
Yupiiiiiii !!!! Thanks to our session, your support in decoding the solution, that has proven its efficiency. - Andrada:-)
Date of Posting: 11 October 2016
Posted By: Andrada Dan

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