I had built a successful career in the field of energy and had been working for 20 years in top management positions ad multinational companies in this field. During this time, I enjoyed mentoring colleagues to develop their skills and reach their potential and was happy to see them grow into high responsibility positions themselves.

I first discovered coaching as a client in 2009, and was utterly impressed by the results I obtained as a result of the coaching process. I then decided to become a business coach and have been offering coaching sessions since 2011. I now have more than 200 hours of coaching sessions and proven results from clients across several industries who have transformed their lives in personal, professional or health matters.

Moreover, having been a manager myself, I well understand the pressure that top managers are confronted with on a daily basis. This is the reason why I believe I can make a significant difference in the life of any leader by tackling subjects like agenda management, delegating responsibilities, leading many projects simultaneously and balancing professional and personal life.

About Advanced Coaching©

Advanced Coaching has entered the Romanian market in recent years as the superior alternative to Conversational Coaching, which is the most common coaching style found across the world. In my sessions I used Advanced Coaching in order to instill a permanent positive change in your behaviour, that in turn will lead to a happy and fulfilled life.

How it works

Life always challenges us in unpredictable ways, and it is sometimes difficult to get past certain situations. In these cases, we may not even be aware of what is holding us back and of the negative behaviour we are exhibiting.

In order to get past this mental roadblock, science has demonstrated that a physiological change must be triggered at the brain level. Advanced Coaching achieves exactly this, and therefore allows for positive mental and behaviourl change.

Through Advanced Coaching you quickly become more confident, balanced and happy, which in turn also reflects on the people around you. Advanced Coaching techniques have proved effective in both business and personal settings.